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True Potential Summer HIIT: Fitness for Women


TP's Summer program is now open for registration. Classes are offered four times a week- Monday/Wednesday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday evenings. There are no levels or support offered in the summer, just well-planned and trainer-supported workouts which will leave you feeling great! Choose the 10 sessions of 13 offered that work for your summer schedule or go for the Summer Membership, and reach your True Potential!

For information about True Potential's School Year Program, please read below:

Most people who do not reach their true potential fail to do so because they underestimate their bodies' abilities and accept mediocre results....Join TRUE POTENTIAL, owned by Laura Kimball, and unlock your personal possibilities in an inspiring, powerful and supportive environment.

TRUE POTENTIAL is a program designed specifically for women which encompasses nutrition, result-based workouts and mindfulness. The workout is a high-intensity interval-based total body workout, which uses a cardio/strength/core format, ending with a moment of quiet reflection. All workouts are done at a rate that is challenging for each client based on individual starting points identified at the start of the session.

The class registration fee includes:

* 2 Coach-led workouts per week in a small group format (3x a week is an option)
* Food journaling via
* Personalized weekly workout schedules
* Before and After fitness assessments and measurements, presented in a report
* Online coaching and support

Laura's clients have seen some AMAZING results with losses of pounds and inches and gains in strength, posture, balance and endurance. You can expect changes in your body over the duration of the program. As your stamina increases, exercises you found hard will gradually become less challenging and will open up the door to setting new goals.

The classes will teach you that your body is capable of so much more that you give it credit for. What you get out will be equal to what you put in. The changes you make will be lifestyle changes. You will actually start to enjoy working out and eating a clean diet. Learn what your TRUE POTENTIAL is, and never look back!!!

There are two levels of True Potential. The Maintenance Level is an option offered only to registrants who have been through two sessions and wish to continue with the workouts but discontinue the food journaling and private support. You are welcome to return to the full program for the additional support at any point you wish.